photo Yannick De Caluwe

Yannick de Caluwe

After graduating at the University of Leuven in 2010 as an architect‐engineer with a specialisation in urban design, Yannick De Caluwe gained experience at Antwerp-based bureaus LOW architecten and m2 architecten. In 2013 he starts working at the Crepain Binst-office, whilst starting up his first private projects, when finally in 2015 he decides to focus on his own work and starts up DCX Architecture.

Design Create Xperience
is born

DCX stands for our main goal in every project: Designing to Create what doesn’t age, a lasting Xperience. The X symbolises the unkown, the added value we aim for, the challenge we search for in every project. A lasting Xperience is our mission. Creating a continuous flow of innovation.

Yannick De Caluwe is supported by his partner Lindsay Van Camp and together with a selected team of architects and a wide network of building partners & experts, they combine creativity with project experience and management skills.

The bureau’s main focus lies on single & group housing, office & retail projects and interior design & renovation projects. But we allways love a challenge too!